Adoption of Cloud based Technology

Cloud Computing is a growing field which addresses most of the organizational requirements. This article helps in evaluating the factors that influence the organization to adopt cloud computing as the part of the business process.

The reason to adopt cloud computing technology is because of the need to reduce technology costs, meet the business demands and to drive the enterprise with the model of efficiency. These strategies can be fulfilled by the cloud computing in the form of infrastructure, platforms or software services. The technology has now managed to transfer the Information Technology from an inhouse service to an outsourced capability. The main idea of implementing cloud solutions is to control costs and to enhance services levels.

The shift to the new technology changes the enterprises structure of operation, culture, policies and practices. While there are still concerns of about security, identity etc. on the minds of many IT savys, these are gradually being addressed by cloud providers.

Just few years ago, it tool far too long time and energy for the designing, development, implementation, deployment of servers and further maintenance all proved slow to respond to the organizational needs. The arrival of cloud computing gave IT organizations to easily, cost effectively expand and reduce computing resources to meet the demands.

The cost savings are the major advantage of switching to the cloud. Are the applications built inhouse really worth of the time, expense and human capital needed to keep them running when the cloud based alternatives are available?

Cloud computing is not only the better technology but it is also very agile as it meets the requirements of the fast changing business trends. The real time collaboration has made it easy for many people to work from different location on the same application or same file. One of the best advantage of cloud computing is the facility of accessing and using your data from any location without installing any software or hardware on every system you use.

Cloud computing is scalable for all types and sizes of businesses. Especially small business firms don't have to buy costly software or hire professional to use the technology. They will have to just pay for what module they use.

The cloud solution vendors hire skilled and professional IT resources to work, maintain and ensure the security and quality of your data. Also, cloud computing services are available 24*7 which means solutions can be used at anytime and there will be almost no down time.

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