Adoption of Cloud Technology in India

Every company large or small, wants to be part of the cloud. Cloud model offers convinience and on-demand network access to a shared computing resources like networks, servers, storage, applications and services which needs less management effort or interaction with service providers.

Cloud computing is simply any technology service, such as an application, infrastructure, or platform that's offered to customers over the internet. With cloud technology, we are basically seeing the emergence of a new model of computing in the IT world.

Cloud Computing essentially allows a user to access the application or service with just an internet connection from anywhere without needing to worry about software upgrades. The factors based on which companies are moving to the cloud are agility, focus and costs. For SMEs it is a great deal of collaborating with subscription based cloud services as it becomes simple for as it does not involve capital investments but only operational investments.

Why Cloud Computing?
Because it offers:
Improved capabilities
Environment friendly
Low software maintenance

Solutions like cloud computing deliver outcomes that are much lower on the efforts. While there are excitements over the benefits of the cloud, people are still concerned about security and safety measures. Nevertheless, cloud computing is already changing the business process.

For a country like India, the importance of a technology like cloud computing is manifold as a majority of small and medium enterprises who could not afford technology before can now afford to adopt the latest technologies.

Over time, companies will cloud-enable their legacy IT infrastructures and applications, much as they web-enabled them in the 1990s.

The Indian market is the most mature in terms of the adoption of cloud technologies and the highest usage levels of converged systems. 50 percent of respondents in India are using or planning to use cloud storage in the next 6 to 12 months.