Business Applications of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing has indeed changed the way how business operates. There are an abundance of business applications that a cloud computing system can support. Here are few ways of cloud computing business applications that may be useful for you.

Document Storage

Cloud based document storage services lets you to store and access word files, pdfs, spreadsheets and many other data through your internet connection. You will find both free as well as paid versions so that you can opt for the one that suits your requirement.

Website hosting

Many users prefer cloud hosting rather than purchasing physical server to host your website. Web Hosting is far more cost effective than a dedicated server as you only need to pay for the service you are using instead of paying the full cost of running an entire server. You also need to be well aware of the security risks when choosing cloud hosting.

Work Management

Tracking and allocating of work is much easier with the help of cloud computing. If you have a team who are sitting at office or who are working on field or remotely then work management solution hosted on cloud is very much useful. You can simply share the files required, communicate to your team, allocate timelines and set reminders for work.


Customer Relationship Management Software solution is one of the widely used method to manage and improve customer relationships. CRM on cloud offers number of benefits to you and your team in increasing the business profits and helping in bringing and efficient business model. CRM lets your store and access all client related information. Many CRM products provide automated functions letting you to capture new prospects or to finish up the customer queries within the turn around time.

Sales & Marketing Management

With the sales & marketing management system, you will always have an easy reach to the latest data. Track all the converted, potential customers or even enquiries. It can help in analysing customer information to see where you have missed out interesting leads and those who use marketing techniques for sending emails can make use of cloud solutions in an effective level.

These are just some of the business applications found with cloud computing, but there are many others using which your company can get more benefits. For more tips of cloud computing services for your business, visit