Characteristics of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is rising on speed. If you use the Internet, you are probably using cloud computing without even knowing it. Every time you use the Internet to store information, including emails or photos, you are using cloud computing. Simply say, cloud computing is the use of the Internet for computer functions that previously took place on a local computer.

Where cloud computing goes beyond the storage of information, it is when you move to using programs that are entirely online and not based in your computer at all. Many larger businesses are learning that it is less expensive to subscribe or rent such programs on the Internet than to have the actual programs on computers.

Here are some of the noted primary characteristics of a cloud computing solution:

Virtualization - Moving the entire setup like servers, networks, desktops etc to the virtual cloud.

Centralization - Putting the applications, servers and storage location to one centralized location.

Automation - Automating the business functions to reduce the work load.

Internet Reliance - Extensive use of the internet for deployment and access

Self Service - Users can configure and choose the resources and services as required by themselves online.

Pay-as-you-go - Users need to pay for consuming the service as per the usage. No investments or up-front costs.

Simplification - Less complications in the use of services and in terms of maintenance as the provider takes care of all the upgrades and maintenance.

Technology convergence - enables convergence of multiple technology and makes it possible for integrations.

The above list provides a comprehensive picture of cloud computing characteristics.