Cloud Computing Aspects

Cloud Computing is extremely accessible and informative as a service to those who use it. Cloud computing offers solution to various industries.

Those who use cloud computing achieve location and device independence, and they can use a web browser to access various systems from any site with a variety of devices.

Through cloud computing, users are able to perform tasks like analysis of sales data, storing medical information of patients, and estimating business venture risks. In general, cloud computing includes infrastructure-as-a-service, software-as-a-service, and platform-as-a-service.

Other Advantages to Using Cloud Computing

  1. Costs and resources are shared in a pool of cloud computing users and the infrastructure is centralized by the provider, resulting in cost reduction.

  2. Because of its reliability at multiple sites, cloud computing infrastructure provides business continuity and helps to ensure disaster recovery for the user.

  3. Resources are provided on a scalability basis. The system is closely monitored and businesses do not have to worry about maintenance and upgrades.

  4. Better utilization of resources and more efficient systems often result in improved sustainability of the user's computer system.

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