Cloud Computing - Beyond the benefits

Cloud Technology comes with a lot more than the known benefits. We have been hearing about the numerous advantages that the cloud computing has been offering to various industries. But there exists much more than what we have heard.

Most IT organizations have a complex organizational structure. Different set of groups, many people working under the same roof but never working together. Users expect automation tools which can simplify their complex business process. Traditional Organization structure which was once used, need not be the permanenent. When technology moves forward, we need to move too. We need to make our IT skills relevant in a world that is rapidly moving towards simplified applications and infrastructure.

For Cloud adoption to be successful, organizations should be ready to empower users by giving them real control. The manual approving process doesn't really help when talking about efficiency. Cloud is an automated and standardized tool that helps to increase utilization and reduce cost. The automation that it provides brings agility to the users while minimizing operational costs.

Mainly when cloud technology is to be implemented, you need to understand whether the cloud will bring more or less complexity to your environment. Cloud not only should help you to automate your business process but should also do better than your manual process could do. Cloud should be able to adapt to your business environment and at the same time your business model should adapt cloud.

Cloud Technology makes an organization more agile and responsive. Further read Cloud Computing Trend in 2013