Cloud Computing is just Outsourcing

Outsourcing has been a major advantage for many business owners particularly for small businesses as they can export the service and solutions from low cost providers.

The reasons for outsourcing are many - cost savings, flexibility, speed of deployment, quality and security risk to name a few. The cloud computing has automated the tasks that were once performned by IT specialists. The entire model of managing services is now delivered by a third party. Service providers have definitely been able to take all the customers complex IT assets and collections and been able to manage them more efficiently.

Technology providers have evolved a business model that takes care of the architecture elements. Infrastructure, Platform and Software are the ones covered up as a service and is offered under cloud computing. Surveys have already indicated that organizations have started using or have plans to use some form of cloud computing and are convinced to the fact that cloud is and will be the best to manage IT needs now.

The business process outsourcing is already taking place, creating cloud opportunities for smaller players who can move faster and with more agility. New technologies allow faster exploitation of emerging benefits for consumers.

Cloud Computing has moved the business world along into another era. Companies are looking at the way devices with scalable applications can strip back excess data space and unnecessary costs.

Cloud computing can be looked as a new approach or as an outsource to IT infrastructure, and an option that can provide more efficient use of computing resources.