Cloud is essential for Businesses

Cloud Computing is an evolution of corporate strategy that helps to achieve two objectives. Firstly, to get rid of the burden by reducing captial expenditures and focusing on operational expenditures. Secondly, to improve business profitability and implement flexibility for better business management.

Cloud offers enormous opportunity for new innovations. There is no doubt that most businesses have been trying out cloud computing in one form or another in recent times.

The most obvious and first reason companies are attracted to cloud is the cost flexibility. Cloud takes away the need to fund the building of hardware, installing software, or paying dedicated software license fees. Cloud enables business scalability. The Software-as-a-Service solution model facilitates better collaboration and information sharing, helping deliver information instantly, particularly important in growing markets.

Cloud computing is changing the way businesses run -- not just the processes enabled by specific applications, but businesses themselves. Cloud Computing allows IT decision makers to drive business strategy.

Business agility has become the number one reason that companies migrate to the cloud, easily outpacing each of the following: cutting costs, enabling a mobile workforce, reducing the costs of technology ownership, and converting capital expenditure to operating expenses. Whether it's a necessity or not, it hardly matters. It's the road we are driving down.