Cloud migration brings flexibility

Cloud providers have primarily focused on cost savings as the top reason for moving to cloud, but businesses indicate that agility to deliver new services is their primary driver to adopt cloud computing.

Companies are moving to the cloud because it offers them the flexibility they need to adapt to the ever changing business models. The cloud makes it possible to access technology quickly and offers solutions that they did not have.

Majority of companies who are already on the cloud are satisfied with their use of cloud services. This indicates that the cloud computing market is maturing and businesses are making benefits from cloud computing.

Definitely data security, data privacy and physical location of data are considered as major worries for companies. But cloud solution providers are coming up with more solutions for these problems. There is still more room for growth in this market for cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing is gaining more importance in organizations of all types and sizes. There are major opportunities for expanding the cloud market alongside on-premise solutions, by encouraging companies to adopt cloud computing and guaranteeing safe storage of company's data and IT functionality on the cloud.