Cloud Server Security

By now you may have understood the concept of computing on cloud. If you have ever used a web based email, shared photos and videos online or stored online, searched something on the web, then you've entered the 'cloud'.

Enterprises have already used to the power of cloud for business applications. More and more companies are using cloud computing for their business process and functions. With the cloud solutions, your application and data is stored over the remotely hosted server instead of any hard disk at your office location.

Since cloud computing offer a number of advantages to the modern business, many enterprise professionals are considering to move all their business operations into the cloud. But many still have the questions or are quiet uncertain about its security level. Many do worry about the security and safety measures with hosting applications.

Cloud computing is much safer than the regular client-server computing architecture. Here, there are lot of servers on the cloud hosted by various service providers. There is no single location where the information is stored. This increases the security. Different layers of protection that includes security packets, passwords and authentication are present which doesn't simply allow anyone else to access the information as the data on cloud is sensitive and enterprise specific.

Since third party vendors are mainly into hosting applications, they make sure to to take every precautionary that is necessary to ensure the data safety. As more and more businesses move to the cloud, it's certain that safety and security measures increase much more.

Cloud Computing applications has the capabilities to encrypt data and ensure data security through prevention of hack attacks of any kind. It is always better to analyse and investigate the security practices of the Cloud Solution Provider that you plan to use. But its even better to look into your own business environment to spot any potential weak points on your end.