How Cloud Computing works?

Cloud Computing is Internet based process where computing infrastructure, software applications, business functions and collaboration are delivered to computer or any other devices like smart phones or tablets, on demand over the internet.

Cloud Computing is offered by cloud service provider who deliver it as public, private or hybrid. You need to look for scalability, access, interface and flexibility when choosing a cloud solution provider.

Cloud Computing is classified into three categories:

1. Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

2. Platform as a Service (PaaS)

3. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Computing on the Cloud involves risks such as security, manageability and compliance. While the data loss and security breaches is a major concern for all technology people, the infrastructure and the highly qualified IT staff who work with Cloud Server Security greatly reduce the chances for such issues to occur. Cloud Computing applications has the capabilities to encrypt data and ensure data security through prevention of hack attacks of any kind.

The prime benefit that this technology offers is the cost saving. Cloud computing makes your job easier, much lighter and enables you to make more efficient use of your time. With cloud, there is definitely no costly affair of servers, hardwares etc. No hidden costs for patches and upgrades. This will surely eliminate the dependence on hardware and It resources. Along with costs, it does save time and energy as the solutions are much simpler and easier to operate and make use of.

Cloud Computing is already offered in pubic or private clouds along with hybrid. Many business leaders when adopting the cloud computing technology, they try to experiment which works the best - Private or Public? A business might run an application primarily on a private cloud but rely on a public cloud service. This combination provides the most flexible IT infrastructure and has compelling costs savings of its own.

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