How startups can benefit from Cloud Computing?

When you have set up a new business, you have got a business plan, great ideas and all the excitement to get started. You also need to concentrate on how you will support your back-end processes. Like email system, website, CRM, billing system etc.

Yours might be a small scale business without many departments and with limited employees or may be with just a single employee. You need not worry about investmenting on servers, even if you are unable to afford on IT staff to maintain your IT needs. The cloud can provide all of that and more, at prices you can afford, and with no need to hire an IT team.

Contacts Manager

As a new business, you are focused on getting your business up and running. You have found many ways to generate leads and use those leads to nurture and convert them to business. Online solutions like CRM, Sales & Marketing Automation Software etc are of a great benefit that can help you to ease your lead management process. Maintain all your contacts and leads at one place and let your employees make use of automation feature to help improve the business profits.

Online presence

Most new businesses will need email, collaboration and to have a business website so that customers can know your presence over the cloud. You will be easily found by your customers who would need your services. Cloud Computing helps in offering variety of services enabling you to compete in the market and to play around to win over your competitors.


Cloud computing has evolved to offer numerous benefits to all types of industries. Being a new business, you don't have to deal with the support and administrative overhead that comes along with the buying of online solutions. Cloud computing is global, offering 24*7 accessibility and your solution providers are available for you round the clock.


New businesses need to be sensitive to costs and cloud computing is one such choice which comes with budget. Most of the times, cloud service providers offer subscription on per use basis allowing business to spend on a monthly basis, i.e to only purchase what they need, grow as they grow.

Many new businesses struggle with initial IT needs, or worse, just go without. Now that cloud computing is a mainstream offering, and with so many cloud service providers to choose from, subscribing to a low cost but fully mature cloud computing solution puts all the power of IT within the reach and within the budget helping you to have a successful startup.