Interesting Facts of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is being there from decades but became the buzzword very recently. It offers no of advantages and has few limitations as well which many a times people tend to ignore considering the benefits.

What is Cloud Computing?

Here are some interesting facts of Cloud Computing Technology:

  1. Software As A Service and Cloud Computing though are often used interchangeably, are quite different from each other.

  2. Amazon Elastic Compute was the first major cloud computing service to embrace the cloud terminology.

  3. Infrastructure as a Service is the provision of virtualised hardware hosting and telecommunications.

  4. Platform as a Service is the provision of a development tool kit in a virtualised environment on which software applications can be built.

  5. Software as a Service is the provision of software over the internet which includes all hardware hosting and telecommunications. It may or may not be a virtualised application.

  6. It was Tim Berners Lee who developed the World Wide Web in the early 1990s.

  7. Though the idea and concept of computer network in global terms was thought in the 1960s, cloud computing came into light when internet started offering its service.

  8. 70% of business are either currently using a cloud computing solution, or they are investigating one.

  9. According to the surveys, in 2011 30% of small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) used cloud software.

  10. 90% of Microsoft's 2011 R&D budget was spent on cloud computing strategy and products.

  11. 80% of the companies have experienced immense progress just within half year ie. just six months after moving to cloud.

  12. 65% of the US companies shifted to cloud in 2011.

Cloud Computing facts are numerous but we have listed few that we found personally. The technology CLOUD itself has great potential and advantages. In the time to come, we would surely observe all companies shifting to the cloud moving towards a better future not just due to cost cutting factors but security factors too. There are lots that Cloud Computing can do and it is already doing it.