Lead Management becomes Smarter

Are you making the best use of your leads? Can you keep track of all the leads? Able to follow up the leads well?

Clientfisher's Lead Management Software makes sure that all your leads safely get into the the system for you and are not lost.

The solution ensures of having all the information at one centralized location. helping you to tap the lead as needed.

Key benefits of a smart Lead Management Solution:

  1. Leads are automatically captured in to the system in seconds.

  2. You can set up automated rules to assign the lead to specific sales people of a product/department/locations etc. Customizable rule and your sales people gets an instant reminder of the generated lead.

  3. Your lead also gets an acknowledgement SMS automically as soon as it is created in the system

  4. You can target your lead with SMS or email. Followups can be scheduled and activities can be monitored.

  5. Faster closure and professional way of managing the leads.

    Clientfisher helps you to manage your business process in a better and efficient way decreasing hurdles and improving profits and success.