Lead Tracking Software for Free

A Sales Lead if rightly nurtured can be a profit generating opportunity. However, to get such results one must have the right process and tools in place to make sure that things are happening as intended and there is a mechanism to track and correct any incorrect procedure. Lead Management is one of the important activities in the Sales & Marketing process.

Leads being the important business opportunity are generated via various sources like trade shows, advertisements, etc,. for the purpose of sales. Lead Management is a vital business process that combines tools with techniques to enable effective management and tracking of new opporutnities.

The best way to keep your sales pipeline organized and manage it effectively is to use the right software. The solution involves tracking of the sales cycle for the lead from being a prospect to closing the sales.

SalesLite Lead Tracking Software provides an exclusive interface to store and manage information of leads within different stages of the pipeline. A quick assessment of the sales funnel value within different stages of the pipeline i.e. Leads, Opportunities, Prospects, Accounts & Customers lets you to be have an insight into your business cycle.


  1. Track all sales opportunities and leads through the Sales Pipeline.

  2. Monitor the sales funnel value of your leads through different stages.

  3. Set up reminders to be connected with your leads.

  4. Identify and add lead behaviour and interest.

  5. Generate reports for further analysis

  6. Team Calendar access to know how your staff is working on their leads.

SalesLite is an easy to use and a cloud based lead management system. Enjoy the power of Lead Tracking Software for Free. Contact us today.