Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud?

Cloud and Computing has now become the most popluar term in the industry. Many business leaders when adopting the cloud computing technology, they try to experiment which works the best - Private or Public? It could be little easy to guess what are the differences between these two types of technology.

A public cloud is one where the services and infrastructure are provided over the Internet. Public Cloud offer great efficiency when talked about shared resources. Public cloud is something that is potentially off premises, managed by somebody else, owned by somebody else, and offered as a service.

A private cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are maintained on a private network. Private Cloud offer greatest level of security and control. Private cloud is for those seeking the same dynamic flexibility, provisioning, and so on, but for one reason or another don't want to put that into a public service.

A private cloud, built using your resources in your data center, leaves you in control but also means you shoulder the management overhead. Public cloud services relieve you of that management burden but at the expense of some control.

The deciding factors for Public Cloud Vs Private Cloud dilemma:

  1. Expense involved

  2. Volume of data

  3. Performance expectations

  4. Security and Control

  5. Confidentiality of data

  6. Need of IT resources

There is also a third type of technology here called Hybrid. A hybrid cloud comprises both public and private cloud services. A business might run an application primarily on a private cloud but rely on a public cloud service.

No matter what businesses decide to choose out of these three cloud types, one thing is clear: they are moving to cloud. Cloud has been a major technology change and has touched millions on enterprises in the entire global. India too has witnessed a great change of technology revolution.

The type of cloud you have is not really as important as what kind of security measures you put into place on the cloud. cloud security is the not only responsibility of the cloud service provider, you also need to remember that there are plenty of things you can do yourself to increase the security of your cloud. The cloud is a powerful tool when it comes to keeping everyone connected. So you need to be careful in planning, selecting and executive the entire cloud deployment.