Questions on Cloud Computing? We are here to answer!

You may have been hearing a lot more about Cloud Computing these days. Perhaps, you even intend to subscribe for a cloud solution but you have lots of questions in mind. Not to worry, we can help you out in answering all those wondering questions of yours.

What is Cloud Computing?

Computing that entirely happens over the internet instead of hardware, infrastructure etc. Users can simply log into the application using a browser from anywhere and start working on it. Cloud computing solutions can be accessed by your desktop computers, laptops or even mobile devices and tablets.

Are Cloud Solutions expensive?

Frankly, cloud solutions are far cheaper than the traditional inhouse business applications. Most of the applications run on pay as you use model thus allowing you to pay monthly basis and stop the service whenever you wish to. The upfront investment of capital on hardware, infrastructure, IT staff and resources, storage and servers, security etc are completely ruled out in the case of Cloud Computing.

Are Cloud based applications complex to use?

The prime advantage of cloud solution is that it is almost like the way you access your website. The interface would be quiet user friendly. Plus, many applications are customizable. Hence you can change your preferences and settings that you desire to use in your application.

Is it only suitable for startups?

Cloud solutions deliver its services for small to medium to large organizations. Solution providers offer various packages which can suite all types of business size and type. The global market has already made the most use of cloud computing to its different types of industries.

How does it help in my business?

Cloud computing makes it much easier for your organization to store the data and client information in a centralized location allowing authorized access to it whenever required. Every data is updated in real time thus allowing the business owners to analyze the data and take quick decisions. The easy to use and remote accessibility makes it flexible for you and your employees to access the application and feed in the data. It minimizes all the administrative tasks, improves efficiency and the customer service approach. Decreases costs and increases revenue.

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