Selecting a private cloud is more difficult than you think

Many organizations who had chosen public cloud may plan to shift to private cloud or may be large enterprises plan to choose private cloud since they would have large data to host on the cloud. But choosing a private cloud can be quite confusing and may need expert advice at times.

Cloud Computing usage is changing drastically and will further change even more. Though public cloud are the ones which are cost efficient and are widely accepted as a beneficial solution for small businesses, companies who are worried about data storage and security on cloud or large enterprises prefer to go with private clouds.

Selecting a private cloud is harder even when you know your vendor very well. Private clouds are difficult to evaluate and compare. Understanding the technology and business requirements are one part, analysing how private cloud management and security is another. It is very much required to understand the entire process and how it works.

Making a choice of which private cloud vendor to use is an extremely difficult decision. Many questions such as what are the core services, which hypervisors are supported, what storage mechanisms, account and administration services, support for high availability, integration with public clouds - these are just some of the questions that need to be considered and answered.

If you are considering a private cloud and are not sure of the choices and factors that should influence your decision, both from a technical and business perspective, why not consider a cloud solution consultants who can help you to know and understand the aspects of cloud computing. Contact for your cloud computing needs and queries.