Software for Sales

It is often heard that a Sales Manager or an executive finds CRM or Sales Management Software to be a trouble maker than considered to be useful. This is because the sales people count the solution to be all too hard as it gets in their way of bringing more of administration and reduces their time in front of customers.

What is ignored here is the fact that these solutions are far more than just a sales tool for the Manager to keep an eye on what their sales people are doing. Like it or not, CRM is not just a tool but a strategy and a way of doing business. It is a centralized application that holds all those vital information of the company's relationship with the customer, their contact information, activity records and their buying preferences.

Your Sales Manager can turn the CRM solution into a business tool that can add more value to the business. The solution can ensure that the sales leads are followed-up, pipelines are being managed and goals are being met. Regardless of the size of your sales team, your Sales Management tool can deliver all the information that you would need for a better conversion.

Your CRM or Sales Management Software is not what has to be used when your sales people find time. It has to be a part of the sales culture. There are lot of features that a Sales management Solution can give you which is going to bring greater benefits.

Maple brings you an effective CRM Software for Sales. Highly scalable, reliable and efficient system for your business process.

In Maple, you can list your leads by different sales stages. This can clearly show how well the sales people are managing and helps in focussing on the right leads.

See the leads managed by individual sales rep or specific products or timelines like how many new leads are getting added up every week or month. Just the one that you would need to know what is happening on the sales front on a regular basis. And it is always easy to move the leads from one stage to another and to keep a track of it.

You can easily generate reports to get to know the team's progress, conversions, closures etc. It is also possible to monitor which product or services of yours is more in demand and which needs much more focus.

With Maple, you need not use the software against your sales process. Use it as you need it. Customize the solution based on your business process. You can customize the classifications and add more custom fields as you like. You can even customize your reports so that you get what you want.

What more?

You can even import and export the data using a CSV file. It is not all all difficult for you to switch to Maple anytime.

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