The Power of Cloud Computing

Cloud is considered to be an important technology and a new platform for creating and delivering business value. To take advantage of cloud technology, organizations need to determine their business models with cloud strategies that can help them in improving profits and success.

Cloud when utilized effectively, offers numerous opportunities to drive business growth. Many organizations are just beginning to understand the power of cloud to drive business innovation.

What is Cloud?

Cloud Computing is a model of delivering services or computing resources like networks, servers, storage, applications etc., over the internet.

Cost Flexibility is the primary reason for many organizations to adopt cloud. Cloud model helps organizations in reducing capital investments, costly hardware & software and improves the efficiency of the organization. With cloud applications, there is no longer a need to build hardware, install software or pay dedicated software license fees. By adopting cloud services, an organization can shift costs from capital to operational. The organization pays for what is being used. The pay as you go model provides greater flexibility.

Cloud is not only to enhance internal efficiencies but also to target strategic business capabilities. Organizations can use cloud to improve current products and services and enhance customer experiences to retain current and attract new customers.

Cloud Computing is definitely providing new ways to create and deliver value.