Is Cloud the best choice for you?

Over the past few years, most of the small businesses have been considering 'the cloud' has an effective business model for approach. The idea of delivering applications through the cloud is simple, yet cloud is changing the way businesses are accessing technology. There are several reasons why cloud computing solutions are an excellent technology solution that provides great advantages. But is it the best choice for you?

Back to those times when there was nothing called internet and when the clouds never even existed, business used to work manually. With all those business leads stored in diaries and all the customer details existed in piles of records in the office cupboards. It indeed was difficult to fetch even a slightest information from the records. Papers and files were soon replaced by computers with excel sheets and emails. It is now much easier to search what is required from the sheets and computer machines. Software Solutions were introduced to simplify the business process. The windows based system softwares were installed in all the machines at the office and one of the system was considered to be a server where all the data was stored and managed.

Technology has again brought new changes to the way how business can function. Now is the time where everything can happen virtually. You don't really need to depend on your computer machine or laptop. Everything is application based and where so ever you are, you just need to have an internet connection and you can simply connect to your application from any device and start working. This indeed has changed the way of working for many business professionals. This is called Cloud Computing.

So how this virtual business model is? In simple words, cloud computing is equal to web applications. You are simply connecting your device to internet where your application is hosted and maintained. So then who is hosting it? We call them cloud solution provider, or simply a vendor who is a service provider for the application that you are using. You would have to pay him and keep using the application as long as you want. You don't really have to worry about the software installations, maintenance and upgradations. Vendor will take care of all such hardware and software matters and all you need to pay for it and keep using it for your work. Its fairly simply.

But many show concern about the security and safety of stored information over the internet? You can read this article which explains well about Security Issues With Cloud Computing.

Cloud Computing has proved to have offered number of benefits to all businesses especially SMBs. Scalability, faster deployment, anytime anywhere access, cost-effective etc to name just a few of them.

Definitely there is no second thought about whether the Cloud Solution is the best choice for your business, it indeed is! But you would definitely need to analyse and understand what kind of solution is needed and would suit your working process. If you have any questions on cloud solutions or you would need any help in choosing one, you can write to us. We at Clientfisher help business owners to understand and choose cloud based solution as per the need. Contact us for more details.