Security Issues with Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing though seems to be a new term in the business market, it is relatively an old concept that has been around for several years. All types of businesses have taken the advantage of Cloud Computing solutions from then. The cloud computing has introduced the web based software solutions for businesses along with SOftware as a Service. Not to forget the various popular social media platforms which has touched millions of people.

However, there seems to be a hesitation to adopt the change of technology even when it is well known about the extreme benefits it offers. Cloud computing solutions even when offering various applications that helps in streamlining the operation and cuts down the cost, few show the concern about the security issues related to cloud computing.

With a web based cloud computing solutions, all the information and details are stored and processed outside the business i.e. remotely on the cloud. It does remove the responsibilities of hardware issues and the time involved in setting up and managing it by the IT staff. Here, all the software maintenance and upgradations are performed elsewhere by the hosting provider of the application with uninterrupted services to the customers. If any problems or issues occur, it is the concern of the operators on the cloud to rectify it.

Many technology reluctant people do fear about the company's entire data stored remotely as it doesn't seem to be sitting well for them. The fear of locking your data in somebody's else closet does seem to be quiet not convincing. However, the people and machines who have established the remote cloud are far more technologically advanced and capable than how we store it in our local drives. It is more likely that a business information can be lost with on-premise software.

Security of the remotely hosted data is another concern when it comes to cloud software solutions. Hacking and security breakdown can happen anywhere. The chances of this happening are no greater with cloud computing than with traditional data storage. Infact, with the advantaced staff and technology used on the cloud, security breaches are even less likely.

While the data loss and security breaches is a major concern for all technology people, the infrastructure and the highly qualified IT staff who work with Cloud Server Security greatly reduce the chances for such issues to occur. In general, cloud computing is very secure for users when compared to traditional applications.