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  • Direct Leads from your website
  • Integrate with ZipDial (tollfree)
  • Leads through incoming SMS
  • Location based auto assignment
  • Activities & Reminders
  • Sales Team Management
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Lead Tracking Software

Tracking Sales leads is the key process of the complete sales pipeline. Customer contact and business information can be easily maintained using the Lead Tracking System offered by Clientfisher. Sales executives can update the information as they interact with the clients so that the data is current and accurate. It's important for salesmen to have a well-defined and well-organized system in place for tracking sales leads as they move through the sales pipeline. Our Simple Sales Tracking system helps in tracking and analyzing the sales leads and allows focusing on improving the business revenue and productivity.

Lead Tracking is essential for any business whose focus is on sales. The software can be used to manage your entire sales process. It improves your business as it allows capturing your new business leads from multiple services. You can manage and track these leads, schedule appointments and follow up, also remove unqualified customer leads all in one place.

The solution gives an organization the ability to manage and monitor the leads funnel, and provides the analytics needed to streamline and formalize the lead process. It enables to represent any situation that could potentially produce revenue for an organization. With regards to the sales cycle, a lead represents a potential sale to a prospect or customer, and all activities related to that sale such as Appointments, Emails, Meetings, Tasks can be monitored in our Lead Tracking Software.

The software gives a complete view of the sales cycle on web based interface. A user can easily log into the application from anywhere and see the lead process and its status.

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Provides multiple integration options and work well with grass root lead tracking issues!

Integrate with Multiple Lead Sources
ClientFisher lead tracker can be integrated to your Website (enquiry/contact-us page), ZipDial (a tollfree service similar to missed call alert), or leads generated through incoming SMS (eg: Demo request SMS from potential lead)

Automatic Assignment & Tracking
Manage the leads from different sources separatly. Allows to work on the leads by respective subject matter experts based on location of the prospect/lead and the type of service requested.

Manage Teams (Sales/Marketing/Region)
Supports multiple user groups to allow seemless management across various teams. Teams can be organized based on Departments, Regions, or Product/Service groups.

Custom Reports
Generate reports as you wish. ClientFisher leadtracker allows to choose the data fields and filters that you want to include in your reports. Report templates allows you to save and reuse your favourite and custom made reports specific to your business.

Interact With Your Leads
Communication is essential to bring up the leads and get converted. ClientFisher leadtracker supports Email and optionally SMS to communicate to your leads from the application.